Sign Up for Outage Alerts with PG&E

Ways to Get Alerts

Choose to receive alerts by email, text or a phone call. For convenience, we recommend text alerts.

Information You’ll Receive

We will contact you when there’s an outage in your area, let you know the cause of the outage and when you can expect power to be back on.

Set Up Alerts—It’s Easy

  • Step 1
    Set up outage alerts by first logging in to your online PG&E account.
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    Login to My Energy

  • Step 2

    Next, under Alerts, go to Outages. Select edit to add your text or email contact information.

    Outage Alert Update Instructions

    Outage Alert Text Update Instructions

  • Step 3

    You will receive a confirmation.

    Outage Alert Confirmation

  • Step 4

    Ready to set up outage alerts?

Example of an Outage Alert

Mobile Phone Text Alert

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